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Jay OrlowskiVito Gervasi ‘impressed’ to lose glasses after 40 years in 15 minute procedure
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On a cold Tuesday morning, Vito Gervasi woke up early to see the sunrise over Lake Michigan in Milwaukee near a red lighthouse.

Gervasi often wakes up early to take photographs of the sunrise. But on this particular morning, Gervasi saw the sunrise for the first time – without his glasses.

Gervasi received LASIK treatment on December 29 after about four decades of wearing glasses. He got his first pair for nearsightedness at age 9. The Pewaukee, Wisconsin resident had researched LASIK for about five years before he chose Dr. Hale of Hale Vision to be his LASIK surgeon.

The results have been as breathtaking as his photo of the sunrise.

“It’s really quite a gift, what he did. It’s awesome,” said Gervasi, who recently watched his first Green Bay Packer game on television without glasses.

“For certain situations, I feel like I shouldn’t be able to see without my glasses – but I can. It’s neat. It’s also unusual.”

Gervasi said he suffered “skewed” vision in glasses that required optical correction. He wore contact lenses sometimes but felt that they made him tired when he wore them.

Since LASIK, Gervasi is adjusting to perfect vision.

“I can’t wait to play tennis. Swimming will be awesome,” said Gervasi.

Gervasi said it was important to him that LASIK would only cause his vision to improve.

“It would have to be as good or better,” he said.

As director of the rapid prototype research department at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Gervasi said his job requires him to look at fine detail. He also has to be able to look through a camera lens.

“Dr. Hale does research on his patients, so he is able to show statistically what the probability of success is. It was extremely high so I was convinced,” he said. “He was very accurate in describing everything. There was no false or misleading information.”

Moments after the surgery, Gervasi said he was already seeing more clearly, even though the eye can take up to three three months to heal completely.

Gervasi said, “I was so impressed. It’s only like a 15-minute procedure. You go from wearing glasses for 40 years, and 15 minutes later, you don’t need glasses. It’s amazing.”

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