Milwaukee Lasik Provider Has Only Procedure Accepted by US Military

Milwaukee Lasik ProviderMilwaukee Lasik Provider Hale Vision has gained notoriety lately by being the only Southeastern Wisconsin Lasik clinic to provide the only procedure accepted by US Military. The acceptance of Lasik surgery by the U.S. military has given new prestige and acceptance to the procedure. It has also improved the performance and quality of life of countless soldiers.

With very few exceptions, soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are now in large allowed to have laser eye surgery without having to worry about it negatively affecting their careers. If anything, it now adds to their success. In fact, there are now multiple programs in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard that provide and encourage Lasik procedures to increase combat effectiveness.

Since the military policy change in 2007, the Army has become extremely experienced with the procedure. It has performed over 100,000 surgeries on soldiers, and now provides Lasik at 12 Army medical facilities nationwide.

The initial change came after years of extensive studies by the U.S. Military on the effects that

Milwaukee Lasik Provider

altitude and high-performance military aircraft have on the eyes after a LASIK procedure. Results concluded that there was no effect on LASIK-treated eyes when subjected to wind blasts that a pilot would experience during an aircraft ejection or regular exposure to high altitude.

Even though there has been a wide shift in the armed forces policy, there are still some things to be aware of. Military guidelines
are very strict and they govern which enlisted soldiers can and cannot receive the procedure. All soldiers receiving laser eye surgery must also return for several post-operative appointments for evaluation.

In addition, some restrictions and special exemptions still exist for soldiers who have had Lasik performed before their enlistment. The military has very strict procedure requirements for its own medical facilities providing Lasik. Certain restrictions apply for candidates entering into training programs for aviation, airborne, Ranger, Special Forces, high altitude, low opening, marine diving and combat diving. Civilian providers that have performed the procedure on applicants are held to the same standards as the military medical facilities.

There are over 140 variations Lasik procedures in use today by Milwaukee Lasik providers. The military will also only allow certain types of procedures. Due to stresses placed on the eyes during flight and the general lifestyle of military members, the only refractive surgeries that are allowed are wavefront-guided PRK, and wavefront-guided Bladeless Lasik. Military studies concluded that these methods made the eyes much more trauma resistant after surgery compared to other forms of corrective vision surgeries. Although other alternative are completely safe for civilian use, the military wanted to be sure that any accepted procedure can withstand the significantly higher stress levels soldiers can experience.

Milwaukee Lasik provider has the only 5th generation Intralase Laser

The most widely used Lasik procedure is the 5th generation Intralase. In fact, it is the only one procedure used by the U.S. Military because of low Lasik complications rates. This procedure is a combination of all-laser equipment that yields the most accurate, fastest healing, and safest Lasik available. This is the procedure of choice at Milwaukee Lasik provider Hale Vision, which has the only 5th generation Intralase Laser in the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

So If you or someone you know is considering a Lasik and a possible career in the military, make sure that you are consulting Milwaukee Lasik providers that are properly equipped with a 5th generation Intralase laser and accepted by the U.S. military.

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