LASIK Patient Experience

Dr. Seth BarrAs a wearer of contacts since age 16, Seth Barr has always considered undergoing a LASIK procedure. Wearing contacts has interrupted his passion for swimming, kickboxing, weight-lifting – nearly every physical activity he enjoys.

Barr recently completed his LASIK procedure at Hale Vision. Now, his vision is better than 20/20 and he’s kicked his contacts to the curb.

“My whole procedure was very thorough and professional. They did a good job of making me feel comfortable,” said Barr.

Barr is a chiropractor with his own private practice in Hartland, Wisconsin. As a self-described “numbers guys,” Barr said he did a lot of research before choosing a LASIK practitioner. Through internet research, word of mouth referrals and positive recommendations, Barr chose Hale Vision as a desirable laser and implant center in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

During his initial consultation, Barr said he wanted to know facts about the successes and risks of the procedure.

“They had those numbers and stats. I was able to make an informed decision whether or not I was going to go through it. It was the best thing,” said Barr.

Barr also credited Hale Vision’s commitment to client screening.

“I felt that if I wouldn’t have been a good candidate that they would have told me,” said Barr. “They were really looking out for the patient’s best interest.”

Dr. Hale informed Barr of his prescription and how that might impact his procedure. Dr. Hale said it would still be a safe procedure but elected to inform Barr so he could make the most informed decision.

As a clinician, Barr understood how hearing one or two bad LASIK experiences could deter a client’s interest in a voluntary medical procedure.

“I’m in the same boat where chiropractic is extremely safe but you have one or two horror stories and that’s what really scares people.”

But it was a combination of Dr. Hale’s clinical expertise and accolades, along with the staff’s professionalism that made Barr’s work with Hale Vision “an overall great LASIK patient experience.”

Since his procedure, Barr has continued to heal. He said he felt fully recovered between two weeks and one month. He was able to see right away – within six hours. He was back at the gym practicing martial arts and kickboxing with one month.

“Everything is a lot more convenient,” he said.

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