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Best Milwaukee Lasik Provider Explains Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome lasikHow many hours do you spend on a computer each day? Is it two, four, six or even eight hours a day?! If you are like most people, you spend at least 32 hours a month online, but that doesn’t include time just spent on a computer staring into the screen. There’s no doubt about it, the computer is changing the way we work and play. We are spending more and more time attached to a computer screen and it is only bound to increase. Continue reading

Lasik Procedures


Lasik procedures and their variations have been successfully performed on millions of patients worldwide.

As different treatments become approved by the FDA, the consumer has more options now than ever when it comes to corrective vision surgery.

Being educated before you seek advice on different Lasik procedures is an excellent way to make sure you are getting the best possible outcome for your vision. Many providers do not offer various alternative Lasik procedures, so it is a good idea to understand what is available and what it means for your vision.

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Risks of LASIK vs. Contact Lenses for Swimming

“Being a cornea specialist in Fairfield County Connecticut means that we see a good number of contact lens wearers who are college students for eye exams at Doctor & Associates. With spring break plans right around the corner, we often hear patient questions about wanting to wear their contacts while in a pool, the ocean or hot tub,” commented Leslie Doctor, M.D. “Contact lenses really should not be worn for swimming, taking showers, in bath tubs or in hot tubs as this poses safety risks to patients.” Continue reading