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Hale Vision Blog: 8th Annual Brewers Game Event, A Winner!

Hale Vision at Brewers Game

Is there anything better than a summer night at the ballpark?

How about a summer night at the ballpark when your team comes from behind to claim victory over one of the hottest pitchers in baseball? That’s exactly what happened at Miller Park the night Dr. Hale hosted 20 medical colleagues and their guests for his 8th Annual Milwaukee Brewers Game Event on June 7th. Continue reading

Good Eye Award Offers the Chance for a Free Lasik Procedure

HaleVisionLogoLaser eye centers across the country have evened the playing field for countless athletes since it was first introduced to the world of sports. Many athletes that have undergone Lasik (Tiger Woods, Randy Wolf, and Troy Aikman just to name a few.) have set the bar for achievement. Laser eye center Hale Vision continues to be part of the conversation of Lasik in athletics with their Good Eye Award through ESPN Wisconsin. Continue reading