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Hale Vision website comes back to life.

After a two year absence, the HaleVision website is back on the internet.  A lot has happened in that period and we have some catching up to do.  We’ll start with the news that two years ago Hale Vision became TLC Milwaukee after joining The Laser Centers organization, an international group of vision correction centers.  This offers our patients some advantages that I could never provide as a solo practitioner.  The first advantage is the access to the latest technology which we had installed in the office in late 2015.  We will discuss this technology in more detail in future posts but you can visit our updated website for immediate information.  Second, TLC offers a Lifetime Commitment to their patients.  This means that as long as you continue the proper follow-up after the procedure, you will be eligible for touch-up procedures at no cost in the future, with a few medical disqualifications.  Thirdly, TLC has locations spread across the US and Canada which can become your new home base in case you need to change location in the future.

Stayed tune for more updates.


Lanny B. Hale, MD


For The Love of Cats . . .

Dr. Lanny Hale Russian Blues

Dr. Hale’s Russian Blues are not just cats – they are extensions of his family.

Jake and Elwood (or Woody) are named after “The Blues Brothers” and are the fur-kids in the Hale family. Dr. Hale adopted the “blues brothers” when they were nine weeks old about five years ago from a breeder in Texas. Continue reading

Best Milwaukee Lasik Surgeon Provides Procedure Walk Through

Best Milwaukee LasikBest Milwaukee Lasik provider Dr. Hale walks through what you can expect if you are considering Lasik or eye correction treatment.

As with any medical procedure, taking the time to do your homework is a good start. Why not begin with consulting the Best Milwaukee Lasik provider? Here is a detailed walkthrough of what you can expect.  Continue reading

Lasik Complications Myths

eyeLasik Complications are a real concern for many potential patients that are considering corrective eye procedures. There are many myths surrounding this advanced science. As with any medical treatment, it is important you consult your physician because everyone’s vision is different, but hopefully this explanation will dispel some of the misunderstandings around Lasik complications. Continue reading

A Roadmap for Healthy Vision

We hear it all the time from our doctor, our spouse, and our kids, “eat healthy and exercise regularly.” We now know that being good to your heart and your body can also be great for your eyes. In the same respect, even if you do everything right, vision can change over time. If you want to make sure to keep Lasik as an available option, take care of yourself and your eyes! Continue reading