Best Milwaukee Lasik Surgeon Two Years Running

best milwaukee lasikWhat do a tattoo parlor and a yoga/Pilates studio have in common? From free WiFi to best mobile service provider, all of these categories represent the Best Of Milwaukee. Voting is now closed for the 2012 Best Of Milwaukee Readers’ Choice Poll, and The Shepard Express has awarded Hale Vision, “Best Milwaukee Lasik Surgeon” for the second year in a row.

What does this mean for prospective patients looking for the best Milwaukee Lasik surgeon? We thought a side by side comparison with other run-of-the-mill Milwaukee Lasik providers would shed some light.

Dr. Hale has spent years building his local practice as a highly accomplished IOL and Milwaukee Lasik surgeon performing iLASIK. He has been in practice since 1979, started refractive surgery in 1984, has been performing Lasik since it became available in the 1990’s and was the first to bring blade free iLasik to Milwaukee when it became available in the mid 2000’s. Not only is Hale Vision considered the best Milwaukee Lasik surgery provider, but in addition to being the only 5th generation Intralase iFS flap creating laser in Milwaukee (The only LASIK procedure used by the US Military) their experienced team performs a variety of advanced vision correction procedures.

This array of expertise allows for patients to have a range of options that other Milwaukee Lasik surgeons just can’t come close to. Most Lasik companies are a single service provider, laser is all they do. The reason Hale Vision is considered the best Milwaukee Lasik surgery provider is simple, they have a local focus. Hale Vision focuses on the patient, not the product.

From broad experience, comes an individualized approach.

As a private medical practice, Hale Vision is able to provide a local presence and ownership that corporate medicine simply can’t. This means that all phone calls are taken at the local office and pre and post op appointments can be scheduled right with the surgeon. Hale Vision is very strict in limiting the number of patients they perform surgery on in one day. With an approach that only allows for two laser surgeries per hour, compared with corporate providers that complete anywhere from 3-6 an hour, Hale Vision offers a welcome return to the personal doctor patient relationship that has been lost in modern medicine.

Hale Vision also has the flexibility to provide more options than the leading competitors. They have created a practice dedicated to a thorough understanding of laser and implant technology. This dedication is essential to providing patients with the widest range of options for the correction of their unique visual needs. They go far beyond just Lasik surgery right in the office.

But being the best Milwaukee Lasik surgery provider also means going above and beyond the practice. Dr. Hale is an associate clinical professor with The Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute resident training program and an FDA Physician Certifier and trainer. He is one of a handful of surgeons in the country approved to train and certify other physicians in the use of Lasik, and Hale Vision is the first and only A+ rated Better Business Bureau Accredited Milwaukee Lasik Surgery practice.

Dr. Hale and his team of some of the best Milwaukee Lasik surgeons have amassed a reputation that draws patients from all over the region. Difficult cases often find their way to Hale Vision either through the recommendation of a doctor or satisfied friends and relatives.

As the professionals who brought Milwaukee its first Visx Star laser in 1997, the first Intralase femtosecond in 2004, its first AAAHC approved in-office eye surgery suite for laser and implant procedures in 2008, Hale Vision continues to stay ahead of the curve. They offer a complete list of options and alternatives for their patients that “laser only” providers cannot.

Being the Best Milwaukee Lasik Surgery Provider Means Experience

There are situations in which the combination of lasers and implants are necessary to achieve the desired result, so providing only one phase of this two pronged approach is not sufficient. Often, doctors lacking skill may feel uncomfortable performing retreatments if a patient’s visual acuity is 20/40 or better. That is while it is common for Dr. Hale to perform retreatments on patients that competitors might reject due to time and expense required to do retreatments. As always, this must be agreed on between the doctor and patient as there are risks in every treatment.

Although widely used, LASIK surgery is still surgery and has inherent risks. In the event of a complication, our surgeon’s expertise can be invaluable in the diagnosis and treatment of such. This expertise may make the difference between a problem recognized and properly treated and a problem misdiagnosed or overlooked resulting in further complications

Whether it’s Saturday consultation hours, early evening pre-surgical meetings directly with Dr. Hale, or going through proprietary “EyeFacts” computer system for analyzing your personal surgical candidacy, Hale Vision makes every attempt to prepare patients for their upcoming surgical experience with a personal approach.

This upfront approach, attention to detail, and dedication to being the most innovative and cutting edge provider of the Best Milwaukee Lasik surgery provider have won Dr. Hale and Hale Vision The Shepard Express’s Best Milwaukee Lasik Surgeon.

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