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Best Milwaukee Lasik Provider Explains Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome lasikHow many hours do you spend on a computer each day? Is it two, four, six or even eight hours a day?! If you are like most people, you spend at least 32 hours a month online, but that doesn’t include time just spent on a computer staring into the screen. There’s no doubt about it, the computer is changing the way we work and play. We are spending more and more time attached to a computer screen and it is only bound to increase. Continue reading

Milwaukee Lasik Surgeon Seymour The Bear

Milwaukee Lasik SurgeonMilwaukee Lasik Surgeon Dr. Hale has a very special helper. For over 20 years, Seymour has been the leading assistant at Hale Vision. As Dr. Hale’s right hand man, he has providing comfort, care, and ease to the hundreds of Lasik patients that have visited the Milwaukee Lasik Provider Hale Vision.

“Seymour has gone through many looks  and phases over the years, but in the end, he always comes back to do his job” explains Dr. Hale. “Seymour has come from many place because a few times the company we were getting him from either was no longer in business or discontinued making it. We continue to keep him on staff because people love him.”

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Best Milwaukee Lasik Surgeon Provides Unsurpassed Patient Care

Milwaukee Lasik Surgeon Dr. HaleBeing the best Milwaukee Lasik provider means having a reputation for an professional staff and excellent patient care. One of Hale Vision’s patients was excited to share her story.

28 year old Stevie of West Bend had been thinking about Lasik for a long time, but she never knew how much it would really impact her life. “I knew I wanted Lasik since I was a teenager. I never liked wearing glasses, and contacts always irritated my eyes so I knew it was always something I wanted to do. I didn’t really know how much it would actually cost, but I thought it was more expensive, so I was always just a little hesitant to start actually looking into it.” Continue reading