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Milwaukee Lasik Provider Wins Angie’s List Award.

Milwaukee LasikMilwaukee Lasik provider Hale Vision adds another award to its record. In addition to winning this year’s Super Service award, Hale vision has also won The Shepard Express’s Best of Milwaukee award for best Milwaukee Lasik provider two years running. Hale Vision is also the first and only A+ rated Better Business Bureau Accredited Milwaukee Lasik provider.

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Lasik Procedures


Lasik procedures and their variations have been successfully performed on millions of patients worldwide.

As different treatments become approved by the FDA, the consumer has more options now than ever when it comes to corrective vision surgery.

Being educated before you seek advice on different Lasik procedures is an excellent way to make sure you are getting the best possible outcome for your vision. Many providers do not offer various alternative Lasik procedures, so it is a good idea to understand what is available and what it means for your vision.

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Best Milwaukee Lasik Surgeon Provides Procedure Walk Through

Best Milwaukee LasikBest Milwaukee Lasik provider Dr. Hale walks through what you can expect if you are considering Lasik or eye correction treatment.

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Lasik Complications Myths

eyeLasik Complications are a real concern for many potential patients that are considering corrective eye procedures. There are many myths surrounding this advanced science. As with any medical treatment, it is important you consult your physician because everyone’s vision is different, but hopefully this explanation will dispel some of the misunderstandings around Lasik complications. Continue reading