Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Roadmap for Healthy Vision

We hear it all the time from our doctor, our spouse, and our kids, β€œeat healthy and exercise regularly.” We now know that being good to your heart and your body can also be great for your eyes. In the same respect, even if you do everything right, vision can change over time. If you want to make sure to keep Lasik as an available option, take care of yourself and your eyes! Continue reading

Best Milwaukee Lasik Surgeon Two Years Running

best milwaukee lasikWhat do a tattoo parlor and a yoga/Pilates studio have in common? From free WiFi to best mobile service provider, all of these categories represent the Best Of Milwaukee. Voting is now closed for the 2012 Best Of Milwaukee Readers’ Choice Poll, and The Shepard Express has awarded Hale Vision, β€œBest Milwaukee Lasik Surgeon” for the second year in a row.

What does this mean for prospective patients looking for the best Milwaukee Lasik surgeon? We thought a side by side comparison with other run-of-the-mill Milwaukee Lasik providers would shed some light. Continue reading